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Living with Siberian Huskies, Malamutes and other Sled Dogs

This section looks at the joys, benefits, challenges, rewards and frustrations of living with huskies and sled dogs. We look safety in the home and garden, and ways that you can make life at home with a husky safer, simpler and happier for you both.

Around the Home
Looks at ways to husky-proof your home, and useful products an adaptations for homes with huskies in them.

Dog Crates and Beds
Crates and beds suitable for Siberian huskies, malamutes and other sled dogs.

Hazards in the Home
Highlights common hazards that may cause harm to your dog.

Dog Safe Gardens
Lists some common plants that cause harm to dogs, as well as a list of friendlier plants, and some hints and tips for keeping your garden (reasonably) well ordered with a husky in it.

Grooming your Husky
Grooming tools and techniques for Siberian huskies, malamutes and other double-coated breeds.

Things to Consider
Looks at the life changing factors of sled-dog breeds, and how you will have to adapt yourself and your home to these when you take on a husky.

Toilet Training
Gives a brief overview of how to start toilet training with your husky puppy or adult dog.

Training for Owners
Lists some basic lessons you and your friends and family will have to learn for a happy, safe life with a husky.

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